May 12, 2019


Recordings of the Q2 Online Traders Forum – Trading Strategies – now available!

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The Q2 Online Traders Forum – Trading Strategies

This is a ticket for the recordings of the Online Traders Forum Q2 Session which includes access to the recordings and slides from the three presentations on Trading Strategies.


A couple of weeks back we had a highly enjoyable and educational session for the Q2 Online Traders Forum. The theme was “Trading Strategies”.  The recordings and slides of those sessions are now available. We had three sessions:

Kevin Barry talked through exactly how he trades the 5 Minute chart on Indices and FX with some superb examples of a typical trading day for him.

Martin Walker described a simple trading system that Traders can take and use across multiple asset classes

Paul Wallace talked about Mechanical, Subjective and Discretionary Trading  and provided three set-ups for each style of trading.

If you wish to avail yourself of the slides and recordings then you can do so on the button above.

Trade well!


January 15, 2019


Recordings of the Q1 2019 Online Traders Forum now available

Hi Traders,
We had an enjoyable session on Saturday at the Online Traders Forum.

The theme for the session was about planning for the year ahead.
I spoke about elements to consider when creating an intra-day trading plan.
Martin Walker talked about Planning for Profit and how to create an overall Trading plan for your trading business.

Kevin Barry provided his ever fascinating big picture analysis on the state of the global markets, and always it was worth attending just to hear his views.

There were plenty of useful ideas and content shared.


The Qnline Traders Forum – Q1 2019

Purchase access to the slides and recordings of the sessions from the Q1 2019 Online Traders Forum


You can access the slides and recordings upon completion of the PayPal request.
The next Online Traders Forum will be on Saturday 6th April and we will be looking to focus on Trading Strategies – keep your eyes posted for details!
Trade well,

January 10, 2019


Join the VTP and evolve into a Versatile Trader in 2019

Hello traders,
I hope life and the markets are treating you all well. We’ve had an interesting start to 2019 and I think it will only become more eventful as the year progresses. As always this will provide either a threat or an opportunity based upon attitude and preparedness.

For the last few years I have run the VTP trading sessions in London and
I am presently setting my schedule for the VTP trading sessions for 2019. As my diary gets compressed I am looking to deliver the various stages in 2 day blocks (apart from Stage 2 which is 3 Day) with follow-up online sessions. This also makes it easier for the attendees to manage their diary.
The VTP was originally set-up to help give Veterans an insight into trading financial markets using three principles that they naturally embrace:
– Process
– Discipline
– Self-Awareness

It just so happens that those very same traits are also seen in consistently successful traders. All traders can improve by embracing these traits into their trading. As the project has evolved it’s now my intention to create a wider community of  ‘Versatile Traders’  which I would define as:

  • A Versatile Trader has the ability to trade any instrument, in any direction, on any time-frame.

Personally I think the days of someone just being solely a 5 min EURUSD trader are long gone – a good trader now needs to be able to operate where the best opportunity lies. That could be FX, Indices, Stocks, Commodities, Bonds or Crypto.

That’s not to say that a trader may not end up focussing on a particular style, asset class and timeframe as their experience increases, however they should have the ability to operate wherever the opportunity lies.

So with that in mind here are the dates for the VTP Stages 1-4 for 2019. They are delivered in a small group between 6-15. If you want to join a particular stage or to know more then drop me a line.
Stage 1: Introduction to trading and financial markets – 21st & 22nd February, London: LTN cost: £297

This is the ideal stand-alone introductory course to trading and financial markets. Over several sessions it provides the building blocks to be able to educate a new trader how to operate safely and effectively within financial markets. By the end of the stage the new trader will understand the 4M’s of Trading: Markets, Methods, Money & Myself. They also develop those three key traits mentioned at the beginning: Process, Discipline & Self-Awareness.
There is no requirement to take any further stages – this is a stand-alone stage that will provide anyone with the fundamental basics of successful trading.

Stage 2: An introduction to longer-term swing and position trading of FX, Indices and Commodities Markets – 21st & 22nd March, plus Thursday 16th May: LTN cost £397
Leading on from Stage 1, here we focus on longer term trading of FX, Indices and Commodity markets in-line with how I trade myself and for funds. We provide deeper insight into these markets and additional tactics to help build your own successful longer-term trading business.

Stage 3: An introduction to short-term, intra-day trading of FX & Indices markets – 18th & 19th July, London: LTN Cost: £397
As the name implies we focus on how to trade FX, European and US Indices from an intra-day basis. Sessions will be based on preparing for your day of intra-day trading of these markets and how to adapt the strategies, tactics and concepts from earlier Stages for intra-day success.

Stage 4: On Managing Myself, Trader Performance and becoming a Money Manager – 21st & 22nd November, London : LTN Cost: £397
This stage is split into 2 sections: Half on managing self and the other half on managing money – namely other peoples. You may or may not have dreams of becoming a money-manager however acting as if you are a fund manager is never a bad thing in your own trading business. This whole stage will be focused on what you need to do to build your own trading business that will put you in the right space to be able to seek funding (if that is your wish).

In total it will equate to about 72 hours of us working together over the course of the year. As always there is a cost involved. I am fortunate that I am allowed to use a corporate clients location so that enables me to keep costs to an acceptable level.
Stage 1 has always cost £297. The other stages normally cost £447 but for today if you wish to join one of the stages the cost is £397.
In total to attend all parts of the VTP next year would cost £1488. However for those that wish to attend all of the sessions this year then there is an early bird cost which is reduced to £1200 for the year. There will only be 12 slots free so it’ll be on a first-come, first-served basis, with veterans getting priority.
I wish you every success in your trading for 2019. As I said at the start this year can either be a threat or an opportunity for you – its about your attitude and being prepared.  Trade well!

October 18, 2019


21 & 22nd November: On Managing Trader Performance, Risk and becoming a Money-Manager

Newbie traders may see the cartoon above and be wondering what on earth that has to do with trading? Experienced traders nod their head sagely and know instinctively how wise the cartoon is.

The longer you trade the more you realise that it is not the market which is your enemy, it is you. The market is just a mirror that reflects your own strengths, weakness, biases and darker elements of your character!

New traders like to think that they trade in a silo, that all they need is a fool-proof trading strategy that will make money for themselves. However with time and experience you realise that it becomes about understanding yourself better and subsequently managing yourself better than before.

That’s why every year I run a two-day workshop based on helping traders raise their self-awareness about managing themselves as traders. The idea is to start to show them their blind spots so they can start to mitigate the risks to themselves.

It’s also about helping you spot the signs of a possible performance slump, and more importantly what you can do to recover when you’re in one (and trust me, everyone has performance slumps as a trader – if they tell you that they don’t then they’re lying!)

On Managing Self and becoming a Money Manager is aimed at helping you evolve in your trading towards professional status, whilst building your own trading business.

It will consist of:
– 2 x full days on 21nd & 22rd November in Central London
– 1 x follow-up online session
For a total of 18 hours working together

It’ll will be split into 3 sections namely: managing risk, managing self and the final part on managing money – namely other people’s. You may or may not have dreams of becoming a money-manager, however acting as if you are a fund manager is never a bad thing in your own trading business. It holds you to a higher standard in your own behaviour.

This whole stage will be focused on what you need to do to build your own trading business that will put you in the right space to be able to seek funding (if that is your long-term aim).

So as always there’s a cost implication: the cost for this stage will be £397. However for viewers of this blog or members of the London or Dublin Traders Network I will be offering a reduced price of £347 for the 2 days.

There are 4 slots left and as always it’s on a first-come, first-served basis. If you’re interested or want to know more then drop me a line.
Trade well,

August 27, 2019


5th October 2019 – The London Traders’ Forum

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Fellow Traders,
This year has been a roller-coaster ride and as we head into the final few months we believe that it will only be more volatile for the remainder of 2019. It’s therefore a good time for us to get together for our main event of the year! So put the following date in your diary for the Autumn 2019 London Traders Forum, which will take place on Saturday, 5th October 2019.

Here is what to you will get on the day:

• A whole One Day Live (Face To Face) Trading Seminar with 3 experienced and seasoned Financial Traders (both Prop and Retail), two of whom coach and mentor client traders.
So that you can learn and benefit from their wealth of trading and life experiences which means helping you to develop and grow as either a professional or retail trader.

• 6 Challenging and content packed, thought provoking presentations covering:

o 2019 Market Analysis by Kevin Barry
o An Holistic Approach to Improving Your Edge by Martin Walker – which will help you manage and improve your trading performance
o An Introduction to Trading with Options by Kevin Barry – a superb introduction to how you can utilise Options in your trading arsenal
o Sharpening the Tip Of The Spear by Paul Wallace – helping you to know when to push hard on your trades
o How to find swing trades and get the best entries by Martin Walker is all about enabling you to find sweet entries to your swing trade setups.
o A Simple Mechanical Daily Trading System by Paul Wallace – which will help provide some of you a mechanical end of day trading method.

So that you can be more informed, take away positive and practical ways to improve your trading, and which also means you get 6 sessions and 3 real traders for the price of 1.

• Included in the above sessions is Kevin Barry’s Market Overview so that we are aware of what we might expect in the months to come in the financial markets, including anything of particular note that he thinks we should know and be aware of on the day. This session alone is always worth the ticket fee. Attending this means that you will be well prepared for what might lay ahead of us in the financial markets from a strategic perspective, plus you can then potentially use that knowledge as a framework around which to spot and plan and take advantage of potential trading opportunities.

Venue: The event will be held in Central London (You will be notified where, nearer the time by email) with light refreshments and drinks plus Lunch included so that we can all meet in comfortable surroundings, you won’t have to worry where your next drink or food is coming from, which means you can give the speakers and their session content your fullest attention. Plus you will then be able to network and chat over lunch with everyone in a friendly and supportive environment.

Post seminar Networking opportunity – after the formal seminar – we will then move to the nearest bar and guess what? Paul Wallace is buying the first round! So that you effectively get a small discount on your ticket purchase, Paul gets to put his money where his mouth is and you can then network and chat to the other attendees again in a friendly and supportive environment.

The London Traders Forum will be an event that will cater for an engaged trader and investor who is eager to learn more and meet like-minded souls. You have asked us for it and here it is. We are aiming to foster a Mastermind-type environment, which will encourage a free exchange of ideas in a stimulating environment with plenty of opportunity for networking.

Our mission is to bring you a memorable day in comfortable surroundings at a reasonable cost. Therefore, we will be holding the price for the day down to just £157.
Alternatively you can purchase one of the 10 early bird-tickets for the knock-down price of £117.

Admission is by ticket only and there will only be so many places available. After the success of the first event tickets will sell fast so, to avoid disappointment, I strongly recommend that you reserve your place NOW by purchasing your ticket.

We are looking forward to seeing you on 5th October for a memorable day that is guaranteed to change the way that you see the market.

Visit our Eventbrite Page in order to purchase one of the early-bird tickets: London Traders Forum 5th October.

June 25, 2019


VTP Stage 3 & 4: Intra-Day Trading and on becoming a Money Manager

VTP Logo

Fellow Traders,
I will be starting Stage 3 & 4 of the VTP from next month. It’s based on utilising the acknowledged strengths of traders and veterans namely: Process, Discipline and Self-Awareness. I am offering it out to other traders to take one of the last couple of spaces.
Stage 3 and 4 will run in the second half of 2019 and begin in July. As usual I’ll be limiting it to a small group people per group to keep it manageable. There are already several VTP members on the course so I am offering it out to other traders to take one of the last couple of spaces.

Stage 3 will be focussed on intra-day trading, in particular of FX & Indices.
It will consist of:

– 2 Training Days on Thursday 18th and Friday 19th July 2019
– 1 Further Trading Day in September

For a total of 24 hours working together

There will be one session on preparation for trading intra-day and what you need to do to be successful and then there will be a session each specifically on trading intra-day FX and one specifically on trading Indices.
The idea will be that it will build on several of the concepts used in Stage 1 & 2 and provide strategies and tactics for intra-day success. As always there will be a major focus on risk, money and trade management. These are crucial for intra-day trading.

Stage 4 will be on Managing Self and becoming a Money Manager.
It will consist of
– 2 x full days on 21st & 22nd November 2019
– 1 x online session

For a total of 18 hours working together

It’ll will be split into 2 sections namely: Half on managing self and the other half on managing money – namely other peoples. You may or may not have dreams of becoming a money-manager, however acting as if you are a fund manager is never a bad thing in your own trading business. It holds you to a higher standard in your own behaviour. This whole stage will be focused on what you need to do to build your own trading business that will put you in the right space to be able to seek funding (if that is your wish).

So as always there’s a cost: the cost for Stage 3 (intra-day) will be £447 and for Stage 4(Managing performance) will be £347. In total that would be £794.

However for members of the London Traders Network I will be offering a super reduced price of £647 for the both.

As always it’s on a first-come, first-served basis. If you’re interested or want to know more then drop me a line.
Trade well,

April 23, 2019


Q2 Update

Hello traders,

So we’re into the back end of April and the Easter holidays (certainly here in Europe) are behind us and allows us to now focus on our trading for Q2. Which leaves us some topics to discuss:

1. How was your Q1? We are now into Q2 so it’s important to look back and reflect upon your performance for Q1. It provided us with some interesting opportunities. I’m a great fan of Quarterly benchmarking and reviews. If you had a poor Q1 then you still have the opportunity to learn from it, amend your approach and refocus your efforts to get you back on track for 2019. If you had a great Q1 then what can you learn from your successes to help maintain such performance? Avoid the temptation to rest on your laurels…or be overwhelmed by euphoria. The ticker has re-set for this Quarter so lets works on making Q2 a great one. If you need help with conducting such a review, or you need an educated sounding board to work off then you can engage with myself for a Trader Development Session to help ensure you’re making progress in the right direction.

2. Trading Strategies Session. As always Traders love to learn about new trading strategies. This Saturday morning, 27th April from 0900-1200 we are running the Q2 Online Traders Forum which is focusing solely on Trading Strategies for you to take away and utilise in your own trading. It’s an online event and you can get a ticket here: Q2 Online Traders Forum. The event is being recorded so even if you cant attend the actual day your ticket will get you access to the slides and the recordings of the session. Kevin’s session on intra-day trading with pivots is always worth the entrance fee.

3. Next Social Event – will be Wednesday May 15th – usual time and place – look forward to seeing you there!

4. Website – my team are slowly building my new website – I’ll be adding more trading material to it over the summer months:

Trade well!


Paul Wallace
FXIC Trader
Trader Evolution Consultant


March 14, 2019


The Q2 Online Traders Forum – Trading Strategies

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The Q2 Online Traders Forum – Trading Strategies

This is a ticket for the recordings of the Online Traders Forum Q2 Session which includes access to the recordings and slides from the three presentations on Trading Strategies.



It’s time for the next Online Traders Forum. In our previous session we focussed primarily on building good trading plans for the year ahead.

In this session we are progressing onto Trading Methods. Let’s face-it, as traders we all enjoy learning about new trading methods. You ask, we deliver!

This next Online Traders Forum on Saturday 27th April we’ll focus on providing a range of Trading Methods that you can take home and utilise in your own trading.

I have a been a big proponent for the creation of “Versatile Traders” namely someone who has the ability to trade any instrument, in any direction, on any timeframe. Whilst a trader may look to focus their efforts on certain instruments and timeframes I firmly believe that you should have the setups and the ability to trade in a Versatile manner in order to stay ahead of ever-changing markets.

With that in mind we have our usual three speakers talking about versions of their own trading methods and styles. It promises to be educational and enjoyable.
Kevin Barry of the TIC will be covering “Trading The 5-Minute Chart”
Hourly bars are for wimps. Let’s get down to the real business of intraday trading FX and indices on the 5-minute chart.
Time is too short for trend-following. Intraday price action is characterised by frequent price reversals, where the greatest trading opportunities are to be found.
But how do we trade these sweet spots without losing our shirt? Because we know in advance the levels at which there is a high probability of a price reversal. And we know how to identify trend exhaustion. And we know if and when we’re wrong very quickly so our stops are very tight.
In this fast-moving session, Kevin of TIC will be demonstrating his technique for trading intraday price reversals with predefined stop-loss and profit targets.
Intraday trading has never been so relaxing.
‘Intra-Day Trend Trading’

Martin Walker of will explain how he approaches any market or time-frame looking for trend trades, including his chart setup; how to scan for potential trends; what to look for and how to filter out the best setups; how to nail the context of the potential trade; what the trigger is and how to trade his Trend Trade setup – the rules!; PLUS his additional special filter to increase the probability of having a profitable trade. Simples!

Paul Wallace from Trading Beliefs will be taking the other side from Martin – whereas Martin will focus on trend trading Paul will be focusing on mean-reversion trading, and in particular the ways he identifies opportunities to trade reversals at the right time and place on the charts. He’ll demonstrate his favourite pattern he’s looking for, and how he looks to manage the trade to ensure a good reward:risk rate for his trades.

So that’s three hours of trading strategies for you to digest and employ. The session will also be recorded and you’ll have access to the slides and recordings post event. All for the price of £47- a veritable bargain!

(If you’re unable to attend the date you can still purchase a ticket and receive access to the slides and recordings of the sessions.)

January 7, 2019


The power in building a position

Happy New Year to you all traders!

I trust you enjoyed the Christmas break and are all ready and primed for what will be an eventful 2019 in markets.

I thought Id start 2019 with a great piece of insight courtesy of one of my VTP clients. Ee Lyn is a promising trader who is progressing nicely towards consistently profitable  trading success. She is already managing funds and chipping away nicely.  I received an email from her last week updating me on her trading performance for December:

“Here are my trade results for the 2 weeks to year-end. I have kept my Gold trade open over the holiday period as it was in profit and I have been trailing the SL with the swing lows. Should have kept the last CADJPY trade going as well (I closed the trade manually) as my original target was W1 support at 80.50 (8R profit) and SL had been moved into profit prior to Christmas. The first CADJPY trade was entered on D1 chart, and the rest were adding to the position (entering on H1) when the SL for each subsequent position had already been moved to either break even or profit. I now see what you mean about adding to positions!!

CADJPY short +5R
CADJPY short +7R
Gold long still open
USDCHF short break even
US30 short +2.1R
AUDJPY short +5R
CADJPY short +5.4R
CADJPY short +3.7R
US30 short break even

I hope youd agree that’s a strong end to 2018. She’s posted a fine set of trading results and can take some personal and professional satisfaction in her performance.

I have for many years being mentoring folks that the way to make step-change in their equity curves is to look at riding their winning positions by adding to them. I call it “The Brasso Trade”.  As your man George Soros says:

george soros brasso trader quote


I teach traders a very simple mechanical way to add to their position that also includes risk and trade management.  Now of course it’s much easier to talk about adding to your position than actually to do it so what I suggest is that people start by adding at the smallest amount possible – to get themselves into the habit of adding to their winning trades. Remember that is also very important – we are adding to winning trades. That is a very different proposition from averaging down on a losing trade!

Ee Lyn has very kindly provided me with some screen shots of one of her positions in CADJPY and has allowed me to share them with you all.

eelyn cadjpy add on chart 1eelyn cadjpy add on chart 2eelyn cadjpy add on chart 3

I hope it gives you some insight into the power of building a position and how adding to your winning trades is the way forward.  Perhaps you could make it part of your goals and objectives for 2019 to build an adding-on tactic to your trading plan?  I’ll be covering a small element of this in our Q1 Online Traders Forum on Saturday 12th January.

Ee Lyn has demonstrated some fine trading here and it bodes well for her continued success and development as a trader in 2019. I believe she’ll become a truly world-class trader and money manager.


December 5, 2018


22/12/2018 – Liverpool Trader Training Weekend and Everton v Tottenham hospitality

IMG_4655Hello Traders,
Here’s an unusual and educational Christmas present for yourself!
I’ll be running a Trader Training weekend in Liverpool on Saturday 22nd December. The day will focus primarily on Mechanical trading of financial markets, but will also include other aspects of the 4M of trading.
Training will begin at 10am on Saturday and run through till 5pm. There will then be a resumption session on the Sunday morning between 9am and 1230 before the remainder of our festivities commence. There will also be a follow-up 30 minute 1-2-1 call between Paul and the trader to identify their trading goals and challenges for 2019.
As part of the weekend we will also have the pleasure of attending the Everton vs Tottenham Premier League game on the Sunday to enjoy some corporate hospitality and (hopefully) a thrilling football match!
The tickets have been provided courtesy of Blackwell Global Brokerage – Everton FC’s Official Partner.
The investment for the day (including 1.5 days of training, follow-up 1-2-1 call, lunch, drinks and attendance of the Everton game) is £250. A wonderful Christmas present for any trader and sports enthusiast.
This is a great opportunity for traders to learn from a leading trader, engage and network with other traders, and enjoy some corporate hospitality at a Premier League event.
There are now only 5 spaces available – so its on a first come first served basis!