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19/2/2012 From Business Insider: Soros continuing to attack Yen and Sterling

February 20, 2013


As mentioned in these two previous posts both the Yen and Sterling are under attack and George Soros (and other fund managers) have been filing their boots with shorting these two currencies. You can see from my previous post on shorting sterling what lovely runs there’s been to south side on Cable (and other GBP […]

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George Soros is at it again. Making $1 billion from the Yen.

February 14, 2013


This has been across the news-wires a lot today. How George Soros and several other Hedge Fund types have been making serious profits from the weakening of the Yen over these last few months.  This article is from Business Insider and you can read it here What I found interesting is the comment from Green […]

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