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The Emperor writes: How should you be?

August 14, 2017


  (For those of you not aware, this is the magnificent Durdle Door on Dorset’s Jurassic Coastline. The reason for the photo will become apparent later on in this piece.) Hello Traders….well that was an interesting start to August. Hopefully now everyone is flat and sunning themselves away from markets. Or crying into their beer. […]

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25th May: There’s trouble at Mill….

May 26, 2017


Hello trader, On a day when the S&P500 and the Nasdaq were pushing to all time highs you might think I am barmy to suggest that things are not as rosy as they may seem. Yet, in the words of the Monty Python sketch “There’s trouble at Mill…” and with that no-one expects the Spanish […]

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22nd May: Euro Review

May 22, 2017

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Hello traders, Last week I did a quick review on GBP – this week its the Euro’s turn as it’s been the strongest across the board on the STAM for a couple of weeks now. There’s been some great trades the last few weeks – but there will still be some good opportunities for swing […]

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15th May : GBP Weekly Review

May 15, 2017


Hello Traders, Yes, I know its my first video for a while – I hold my hands up! Anyway here’s a quick review of the GBP weekly charts. After a storming run on GBP across the board, last week the wind was taken from its sails. I suspect we’ll now just spend the next few […]

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Developing Longer Term Trading Ability

May 13, 2017


Fellow Traders   Some of you may know that I’ve been running a trading project to help Veterans re-train and give them a start in Financial markets. The longer-term plan will be to help young guys and girls who’ve been injured in recent conflicts by providing them with an opportunity to do something new and […]

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13/3: Sterling Coil and a busy week ahead

March 13, 2017


Hello Traders, Back to charts, markets and trading. It’s going to be a busy and eventful week – lets have a look at the coil going on in Sterling. I don’t suppose its a surprise to see a coil happening in some Sterling products as everyone waits to see Theresa May pull the Article 50 […]

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Thought of the day – Friday 5th November

November 5, 2010


“Winners make mistakes; they just don’t repeat them.” Yehuda Shinar – Think Like A Winner

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A slightly different thought of the day – the movie Invictus

November 4, 2010


Ok, indulge me here.  It’s a little bit of a different tack for the normal thought of the day post however I hope you still find it inspiring and relevant to trading. I’ve been away for a long weekend and during my time away I managed to re-watch the movie Invictus.  If you haven’t seen it […]

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