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Some Days Just Start out WRONG

May 14, 2010


This morning started as usual with me waking up about 10 minutes before my alarm going off at 0530 hrs. I turned the tele on ready to watch World Business Report on BBC1 to get a little update on what’s been happening over night as I got my brain into gear. By 0550 hrs I’m […]

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The Exciting Life of a Trader…..

March 5, 2010


NOT! The last 2 days have been exceedingly boring (tradingwise) as perhaps the market prepares itself for NFP day today. So whilst the market does nothing I have watched all 12 episodes of season 4 of Dexter – I love that program and OMG what a shocker at the end. Absolutely fabulous! It always help […]

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2 March 2010 – A Funny thing happened this morning…..

March 3, 2010


It’s been a pretty cool trading day today. Not one of those range busting pip days we have been seeing recently but a lot more of the ebb and flow that I like to trade. Chatting to Paul on Skype this morning both of us were looking to see what was on offer. Funny thing […]

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The Five Steps to becoming a Competent Forex Trader!

November 23, 2009


I can take no credit for this piece (I wish I could) as it was written by another trader (it had to be as only a trader would recognise the journey). If anyone knows who was the original author then I’ll be happy to provide the necesarry credit.  Anyway this is a great piece that sums […]

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