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1st July Post Brexit Views:Losers

July 2, 2016


So in the previous posts I looked at what happened, followed by possible winners. If there are winners then there’s got to be losers. So lets take a look at some of them. Boris Johnson It’s all gone ‘a bit Pete Tong’ for old Boris hasn’t it? In what should be the crowning achievement of┬áhis […]

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“Like a re-run of the English Civil War…without the muskets.” Pauls Brexit Rantings

May 26, 2016


Every so often reader I tend to post a blog on my own thoughts about a certain subject matter. Once again I ask for your indulgence as I share my views/treatise/ rant (delete as appropriate) . This is what happens when you leave Paul without mobile or internet coverage for the best part of a […]

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