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19th July – Profiting whilst I work, rest and play. Five wins from six trades = 9R profit

July 19, 2012


Hello traders, After returning from a busy few days including a long and enjoyable evening at the London Trader’s Network Social event I was able to sit down this afternoon and take a look at the 6 trades I’d placed early on Tuesday and how they’d fared over the last 48 hours. Several people at […]

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Weekly Analysis 8/1/2012

January 11, 2012


Happy New Year Fellow Traders! I had an extended break over the holiday period and used the time to plan my next 12 months. More of that in future posts. In the mean time here’s the weekly strength analysis for this week. Weekly: 1. JPY 2.AUD 3. USD 4. CHF 5. GBP 6. EUR Ok […]

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