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Fellow Trader!

Whilst having supported hundreds of traders of all levels & experiences I can conclude that every trader has just one goal:  to consistently make money trading the markets.

So what prevents people from achieving that goal?  I mean if you look at all the marketing literature from so-called trading education firms they would have you believe that you can make thousands of pounds, dollars and euros with very little time and effort! (Excuse my cynical, sarcastic tone!)

From my experiences here are some of the reasons I see as contributing to traders frustrations:

–              Lack of a trading plan

–              Lack of discipline to follow the plan

–              Failure to control emotions

–              Failure to accept and limit losses

–              Lack of commitment

–              Over-trading / Under-capitalised

Do any of those reasons resonate with your own experience?

If you look closely at these six areas, you will notice that it all boils down to two key issues:

1. Having a trading plan and

2. Having the discipline to follow the plan.

And by addressing these two issues, traders will also have taken significant steps towards controlling their emotions, setting and obeying stop losses, and avoiding over trading.

So how can you achieve those two key issues? Well I believe this is where working with a coach can help you.

Just to remind you of my view of a trader Coach is:

–              The role of a coach is to support, motivate and encourage you to achieve what you are capable of as a trader and to help you continue expanding your horizons of success.

–              A coach becomes a trading confidante, somebody you can trust, who is there to reflect back to you, in a non- judgmental way, what you already know to be true but sometimes need reminding of.

–              A coach helps nurture and develop your positive self-image as a trader and holds this as a reference for you as your confidence and performance improve.

–              A coach can also be your companion and guide, as required, through the many pitfalls of trading.

In order to help you improve your trading I offer three packages to meet your requirements. I’m happy to discuss a bespoke mix of all three if it will help you improve.

1.  Trading Performance Session.

This is a one-off  3 hour intensive 1-2-1 session with myself.

We look to review:

– you present trading approach

– review your strategy & results

– build upon your strengths

– work on areas for improvement

– develop a future plan for your business.

Overall this can be best summed up as helping a person move from being an amateur with a hobby towards being a professional with a business. As trading is such a lonesome endeavour people really enjoy getting the chance to spend 1-2-1 time with an experienced trader & mentor. I can help by providing an objective analysis and an effective sounding board.

2. Your Trading Manager

One of the joys of trading is having the freedom to work where, how and when you like. But with that freedom, comes a cruel cost. Simply put, the markets cannot protect a trader from themselves.

Unlike fund managers, individual traders are unsupervised and have the freedom to act unchecked in any way that they choose. Unfortunately this kind of freedom reinforces bad habits.

Having your own Personal Trading Mentor acting like your Trading Manager can help you overcome the temptations to ignore your rules and break your discipline. It’s about having someone to hold you accountable for your actions and your trading. It’s about having someone to keep you honest in your trading!

The Trading Manager program involves:

–  The review (or creation) of your Trading Plan & Strategy

–  3 hours of coaching per month (either 1 x 3 hour session or 2 x 90 minute sessions)

–  1x 10 minute catch-up call per week

–  Email support

–  Review of Trading results

The cost for this is £995 for 3 months of support. Sessions are conducted online.

3.  Lifestyle Trader Program

My own trading revolves around combining most of my trading activity to within a 2-3 hour period on a Sunday evening followed by a few minutes each day looking for set-ups and managing trades. This is ideal for busy professionals who have limited availability during the working week.

I have three main strategies. One is a longer term position trading strategy.  The second one is the bread-and-butter swing trading (and the focus of the Lifestyle Trader Day) and the other is a very short-term aggressive opportunity.

The Lifestyle Trader Day is about teaching you the way I go about finding bread and butter trades that have good probability and also a good reward:risk profile.  I teach you:

– how to use technical tools to give a you a fundamental snapshot of the currency markets

– how to filter out which markets are worth avoiding

– and how to focus on the markets that offer high probability and good R:R trade set-ups

– how to find good set-ups within those markets

-how to enter those markets and generate good reward : risk trades

I deliver this through a program of intensive 1-2-1 tuition sessions with 12 months of follow-on Mentoring sessions. Yes, that’s right you have mentoring for 12 months. That’s how long it will take.

The cost for the 12 month program is £4,250  which includes 4 half days of 1-2-1 teaching plus 20  hours of follow-up mentoring throughout the year and continuous e-mail support.  This is not a program for a complete beginner but absolutely ideal for someone has some live trading experience. (If you are a complete beginner you would require a further days training which would need to be discussed).

Regardless of which program a client chooses they all include a variety of Teaching, Mentoring & Coaching based upon the clients situation. It’s all about the client receiving the best support possible in order for them to achieve their specific goals.

After questioning a few of my previous clients here is why they employed me as their coach:

“You kept me honest, I was finding it too easy to break my rules when I felt like it.”

“I realised that I couldn’t do it on my own and that I needed help to improve.”

“I don’t take impulsive trades anymore because I don’t want to feel like a p***ck when I have to explain them to you!”

“You made me realise the reasons I had been failing and how I could easily remedy those problems.”

“I realised that I was just gambling, I was a player who wanted action as opposed to being a professional Trader.”

So why not do something today about moving your trading business forward?

Drop me an email ( or give me a call +44 (0) 7903 457 940 for a no-obligation, confidential call to discuss your trading requirements.

I look forward to hearing from you.

To your trading success!


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