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22/11/2016 – The Yen Party is well and truly over

November 23, 2016


Hello traders, As most of you will know, when it comes to long-term trading I like to by strength and sell weakness. Therefore about a year ago I stated that I thought that 2016 would be the ‘year of the Yen’ as I felt that it would a) be a volatile year and b) the […]

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2nd November USD/MXN: Nature Abhors A Vacuum

November 2, 2016

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Hello traders, Well this US election is starting to get a bit tasty isn’t it? Up until a week ago it looked like a complete white-wash (I use that word lightly) for the Clinton Campaign. However after last Fridays revelation that the FBI were re-opening their investigation into her improper use of a personal email […]

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