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Developing Longer Term Trading Ability

May 13, 2017


Fellow Traders   Some of you may know that I’ve been running a trading project to help Veterans re-train and give them a start in Financial markets. The longer-term plan will be to help young guys and girls who’ve been injured in recent conflicts by providing them with an opportunity to do something new and […]

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NZDUSD Update – the power of the 73 handle

February 21, 2017


Yes, I know I haven’t been as prolific recently with my posts, so here’s a quick one on NZDUSD. I was bullish on NZDUSD for 2016 – up until the weekly head and shoulders pattern set-up. The 0.73 level provided significant resistance as part of that H&S pattern, and price fell away from 73 down […]

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2nd November USD/MXN: Nature Abhors A Vacuum

November 2, 2016

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Hello traders, Well this US election is starting to get a bit tasty isn’t it? Up until a week ago it looked like a complete white-wash (I use that word lightly) for the Clinton Campaign. However after last Fridays revelation that the FBI were re-opening their investigation into her improper use of a personal email […]

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27th September – Following the US Presidential Elections through the medium of USDMXN

September 27, 2016


Hello traders, Yes I know I have been less prolific over these summer months – I have, as my good friend told me, been ‘working like a one-armed bricklayer in Aleppo’. Make of that what you will. Anyway, here’s a big picture view that maybe of interest to some. Post Brexit the next big event […]

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2nd September: NFP Live Trading Day

August 10, 2016


When we asked attendees of the London Traders Network and the London Traders Forum what they wanted there was plenty of interest in a live trading day. So here it is! Put Friday 2nd September in your diary for our Live Trading Day. https://summer2016londonlivetradingday.eventbrite.com Furthermore we’ll be able to introduce my friend and trading colleague […]

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4th July. Brexit: so what shall we do now?

July 4, 2016


Ok, I promise this is my last Brexit piece. Promise. I have been intrigued over the last couple of weeks about the behaviour of the sullen, humiliated, defeated media. They have become convinced that the end of the world is neigh.  Furthermore the march of 40,000 pro-EU youngsters at the week-end was seen as some great […]

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1st July Post Brexit Views:Losers

July 2, 2016


So in the previous posts I looked at what happened, followed by possible winners. If there are winners then there’s got to be losers. So lets take a look at some of them. Boris Johnson It’s all gone ‘a bit Pete Tong’ for old Boris hasn’t it? In what should be the crowning achievement of his […]

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30th June Post Brexit Views Part 2: Possible Winners

July 1, 2016


Hello traders, I hope you’re enjoying watching history in action before our very eyes?  In my first piece I gave a little bit of background about what happened in the run up to the vote and during the overnight count. We’ve had a few days to watch and listen to whats happened. Lets take a […]

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28th June: Post Brexit Vote views Part 1

June 28, 2016


Hello Traders, Well that’s been quite an eventful last two weeks in markets hasn’t it?  For those new to trading I’m sure it seemed quite terrifying. For those of us who’ve traded for a while you realise something like this happens every so often – it’s just part of the gig. So what actually happened? […]

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8th June: GBP Update

June 8, 2016


Well fellow traders, just over a couple of weeks till the EU Referendum here in the UK. (You can read my own rantings about the Brexit vote here.) So I thought I’d do a quick little Sterling update. During my last piece I mentioned that perhaps the markets had already priced in a Remain victory […]

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