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13th/1/2017 The affair between Peso, Trump and Loonie

January 13, 2017


Happy New Year Traders, Well its fair to say that we’ve started 2017 in the same vein as we left 2016 – fake news, childish behaviour, global rumpus and market volatility…..and that’s just from the supposed adults. There are plenty of great tales to talk about at the moment but lets start with a simple, […]

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2nd November USD/MXN: Nature Abhors A Vacuum

November 2, 2016

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Hello traders, Well this US election is starting to get a bit tasty isn’t it? Up until a week ago it looked like a complete white-wash (I use that word lightly) for the Clinton Campaign. However after last Fridays revelation that the FBI were re-opening their investigation into her improper use of a personal email […]

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17/10/2016 – The relevance of USDMXN to US elections for a complete beginner

October 17, 2016


Hey there, I wrote a piece a few weeks back on using the USDMXN rate as a proxy for the US elections. Someone asked for more insight so here’s a piece aimed at the beginner trader to give some further detail about why we’re watching it. So here’s a view of the US election via […]

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27th September – Following the US Presidential Elections through the medium of USDMXN

September 27, 2016


Hello traders, Yes I know I have been less prolific over these summer months – I have, as my good friend told me, been ‘working like a one-armed bricklayer in Aleppo’. Make of that what you will. Anyway, here’s a big picture view that maybe of interest to some. Post Brexit the next big event […]

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