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17/10/2016 – The relevance of USDMXN to US elections for a complete beginner

October 17, 2016


Hey there, I wrote a piece a few weeks back on using the USDMXN rate as a proxy for the US elections. Someone asked for more insight so here’s a piece aimed at the beginner trader to give some further detail about why we’re watching it. So here’s a view of the US election via […]

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Part 1 – On building capacity as a trader

October 12, 2016


Hello traders, You only have to google ‘Trading Psychology’ these days to find thousands of articles talking about the importance of Trading psychology to the make-up of a successful trader. For new traders reading this I always talk about viewing traders through the prism of the 4M’s of Trading: (understanding) Markets (your trading) Method Money (management) […]

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