Lifestyle Trader Program

Lifestyle Trader Program

My own trading revolves around combining most of my trading activity to within a 2-3 hour period on a Sunday evening followed by a few minutes each day looking for set-ups and managing trades. This is ideal for busy professionals who have limited availability during the working week.

I have three main strategies. One is a longer term position trading strategy.  The second one is the bread-and-butter swing trading (and the focus of the Lifestyle Trader program) and the other is a very short-term aggressive opportunity.

The Lifestyle Trader program is about teaching you the way I go about finding bread and butter trades that have good probability and also a good reward:risk profile.  I teach you:

– how to use technical tools to give a you a fundamental snapshot of the currency markets

– how to filter out which markets are worth avoiding (more important than you think!)

-and how to focus on the markets that offer high probability and good R:R trade set-ups

– how to find good set-ups within those markets

-how to enter those markets and generate good reward : risk trades

I deliver this through a program of intensive 1-2-1 tuition sessions with 12 months of follow-on Mentoring sessions. Yes, that’s right you have mentoring for 12 months. That’s how long it will take.

The cost for the 12 month program is £4,250  which includes 4 half days of 1-2-1 teaching plus 20  hours of follow-up mentoring throughout the year and continuous e-mail support.  This is not a program for a complete beginner but absolutely ideal for someone has some live trading experience. (If you are a complete beginner you would require a further days training which would need to be discussed).

Regardless of which program a client chooses they all include a variety of Teaching, Mentoring & Coaching based upon the clients situation. It’s all about the client receiving the best support possible in order for them to achieve their specific goals.

After questioning a few of my previous clients here is why they employed me as their coach:

“You kept me honest, I was finding it too easy to break my rules when I felt like it.”

“I realised that I couldn’t do it on my own and that I needed help to improve.”

“I don’t take impulsive trades anymore because I don’t want to feel like a p***ck when I have to explain them to you!”

“You made me realise the reasons I had been failing and how I could easily remedy those problems.”

“I realised that I was just gambling, I was a player who wanted action as opposed to being a professional Trader.”

So why not do something today about moving your trading business forward?

Drop me an email ( or give me a call +44 (0) 7903 457 940 for a no-obligation, confidential call to discuss your trading requirements.

I look forward to hearing from you.

To your trading success!


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