28th September – don’t trade on your birthday!

Today is my birthday. I never trade on my birthday. And I suggest you do the same.

What’s the point? You’re a trader and unless you’re working for an institution my suggestion is to take the day off. There’s nothing worse than waking up on your birthday in a good mood (which you should do regardless of your age) and then ruining it through some poor losing trades. Why ruin your day?

Instead, go and enjoy your day with the people who are important to you and be grateful that you work in a role that allows you to manage your own time like this. Take stock of what you’ve achieved this last year and set some goals for the next year of your life. Enjoy yourself – you’ve earned it!

Trade well….but not on your birthday!


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A professional Trader and Coach, FXTraderPaul blogs about his adventures from the front-lines of FX Trading. A Trader and educator who can walk the walk as opposed to merely talk the talk!

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11 Comments on “28th September – don’t trade on your birthday!”

  1. Mike Sharman Says:

    Happy Birthday Paul!!!

    Have a wonderful day.

    Mike Sharman

    Tel: 03300010447


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  2. NiamhandArthur Says:

    Paul Happy Birthday. Hope you have a great day! Arthur

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  3. d@phnemorgan.com Says:

    Many happy returns!!

    I hope you have something lovely planned.



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  4. Silvano Says:

    Thanks for the advice, i’ll try to remember it for 2017. In this case, Happy Birthday Paul…

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  5. Silvano Says:

    Good advice, i’ll try to remember it for 2017. So in this case, Happy Birthday Paul!

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  6. Dovydas Stirpeika Says:

    Happy Birthday!

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