A chance to jump on-board a unique trading opportunity – The Veterans Trader Project

Fellow Traders

As an ex-military guy some of you may know that I’ve been developing a basic trading course to help Veterans re-train and give them a start in Financial markets. The longer-term plan will be to help young guys and girls who’ve been injured in recent conflicts by providing them with an opportunity to do something new and challenging.

Through 2015 I’m planning on running the first of the Stage 1 part of the course.  Initially I wanted it to be a purely Veterans only project – however I’ve realised that there’s huge benefits for both the ex-military and non-Veterans alike to bring their differing knowledge and skills together to help accelerate their learning.  Furthermore it’s good for small groups of 4-6 people to be able to bond and work together as a team. If you’re relatively new to trading or financial markets and want to take part in the course then here’s a unique chance.  The next stage 1 will look to begin in May 2015.

What will you receive? Well it will be based upon covering the 4M’s of Trading: Markets, Method, Money & Myself.

There’ll be a half day in May (the afternoon of Friday the 15th) of Basic Trader Training, (focusing on how to analyse markets) followed by a 90 minute follow-up group session one month later. Then there’ll be a second half-day of training (moving from analysing markets to actually trading them safely) in July. This will also be followed up by a group session in September. The half-day sessions will be run at the trading floor of one of my institutional clients.

The idea will be to introduce people to analysing financial markets (whether it be for trading, investing or managing your pension) and then moving people towards longer term trading. It will be about teaching people to understand and operate safely in markets.

So Stage 1 will consist of 2 x half days (8hrs) and 2 x 90 minute sessions (3 hrs) plus email and Skype support till the end of September. There’ll be no obligation to take any other stages. This stage would in itself provide a sound foundation.

The sessions will be suited for those new to financial markets and trading. Or for those looking for a re-introduction after some time away. There will be required course work in between. It will be an ideal way to build a base of knowledge in a small environment (4-6 people) for a small cost. What’s the cost you say? As it’s a starter project the cost will be £297 for the 4 months of education and working together.

This is going out to a few of my networks so it’s on a first come-first-served basis. If you’re interested then reply to this, or drop me an email at paul@FXTraderPaul.com

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