Will you make 2014 your best trading year ever?

Fellow Traders,

We’re now entering the 3rd trading week of 2014.  How are the markets treating you?  How is your trading going so far this year?

I suspect that like most people you started the year with a fresh plan and high hopes to make this your best trading year ever. Set against that expectation how has the reality turned out so far?  Are you ahead of plan or already way off it?

For many years I’ve worked with male and female traders, from complete beginners placing their first trades, to institutional traders making hundreds of thousands of dollars profit in a day. You should not underestimate the importance of having an experienced trader review your progress and mentor you towards your next level of trading success.

Perhaps you’ve been trading for a while? You’ve attended all those seminars and workshops yet still not seeing the results you desire? Maybe you’re still searching for the so-called Holy Grail? (Here’s a freebie. The Holy Grail is you!) Maybe you’ve taken some recent knocks and are feeling disheartened and disgruntled?

Alternatively maybe you’re an experienced trader who is either considering what is required to go full-time or is looking for an opportunity to work with an experienced professional trader to enhance your performance.  Maybe you’ve had a string of good results and are thinking about managing other people’s money? (Here’s another freebie: Don’t do it!)

Regardless of your experience level you’ll benefit from having someone review your present position, remove your trading weaknesses and build upon your strengths.  Having an experienced mentor to hold you accountable for your actions is an immensely strong proposition and can help you make excellent progress.

One way or another we all pay for our education in the markets either through a formal working relationship with a mentor or through informal trial and error costing us time and money. Last summer I was interviewed for a Trading TV channel and this was one of the topics I spoke about. You can watch it here: Education in trading.

We all know that you can spend many thousands of pounds on various training courses that offer little more than a room full of lots of people having a salesperson teach you basic stuff that can be found for free on babypips.com.  Working with me you get the chance to work one on one with an experienced trader who knows what you need to do in order to progress.

Due to my own schedule I only have a few slots available so get in touch either by email paul@FXTraderPaul.com or call me (0778 2390808) and let me help you make this your best trading year ever!

Trade well!



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