19/09/2016 – Don’t panic, I am alive! (And a trading podcast for you)

Hello traders,

Apologies for my lack of posts the last couple of months – I have not been slacking – quite the opposite in fact. I have been basically working 6 days a week for the last 4 months to keep up with commitments.

Normally I take most of August off and head back to the farm to drive Tractors and get away from the market. The break does me good. This year I’ve not had any time off since early May and it’s been mad busy ever since.

What has kept me busy? Well the fall-out from Brexit to be honest. I always knew I was going to be busy the month before the vote – what I had not envisaged is the level of work afterwards. I had expected there to be a remain vote – thereby kind of securing the status quo and then everyone would shut up shop for the summer safe in the knowledge of having that certainty and security.

How wrong I was!

Anyway a few months back I did a podcast for the desiretotrade crowd and you can follow it on the link below. Enjoy yourselves. I think it’s going to be an interesting final few months of 2016!


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3 Comments on “19/09/2016 – Don’t panic, I am alive! (And a trading podcast for you)”

  1. Ed Says:


    Good to see you are back, your posts are always good , and essential reference for people serious about markets , and Day Trading in particular.

    Am looking forward to seeing a follow up post regarding Brexit. I believe the British people made the right decision.

    Unfortunately for the oldest democracy in Europe ( along with Switzerland), the Remain politicians on all sides of Westminster refuse to acknowledge Democracy, paying lip service to VOTE LEAVE and building big problems in the future.

    On negotiating with Europe on a trade deal, 16% drop in Sterling against EURO would mean even Roy Hodgson could bring this over the line successfully. Your exporters already have a BREXIT Bonus , can Europe play hardball, knowing all their goods are more expensive already.

    A suggestion, maybe Ian and Pearse would be good enough to write guest blog posts, adding to an already rich base of work you have created.

    Liked by 1 person


    • FXTraderPaul Says:

      Hey Ed, thanks for your engagement and feedback – its always appreciated!

      I did write some follow up to Brexit pieces a while back but I will do another one after the US elections – then we’ll have deeper insight into whether the political elites learnt anything from the Brexit vote in terms of gaining the Clintons the election.

      I agree with your suggestions – I have always been happy for other people to post their ideas here, and I always re-post Pearse’s pieces as they complimentary to my own work and make for a good read.



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