A better way of making FX Payments

Fellow Trader,

It’s rare that I advertise any products and services however I thought I’d make you aware of a very good FX payments service that I have been using: Transferwise

Watching the FX markets as I do, and also splitting my time between Dublin, Cheshire and London I am acutely aware of the price between EURO & GBP. I have lots of experience of making payments to ‘overseas’. Furthermore I see how much a rip-off the banks are when trying to conduct FX payments! For years it was a nice little earner for them. Even today with better technology and more competition they’re still way off the pace. Hence my exploring other alternatives. (I’ve even considered setting up my own FX payments company I was so thoroughly fed-up of seeing the banks take me and others for a ride with their antiquated and costly FX payments service.)

If you find yourself having to make payments overseas (regardless of where you are) then I can thoroughly recommend Transferwise. I’ve found them faster, cheaper and better value than using the banks.

Also at the moment they’re running a great little promotion whereby if you recommend three people then they get their charges waived on their first FX payment (and you may get a £25 pocket-money bonus).

As I said at the start I rarely if ever recommend a service unless I’m a very happy user of it myself. Here’s one case where a) I am that very happy user and b) I can tell that you’re getting a far better deal in the FX market than using the banks!  Take a look for yourself.

As Tesco say….every little helps.


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