18/4/2011 – A quick update

Hello traders,

Just a note to provide some updates.  The blog posts have been a little thin on the ground the last month or so partly due to work commitments but mostly due to Sony having my main laptop for the last month whilst they repair it.  I now have the laptop back in my possession and am £930 lighter for the experience.  Grrr!

Anyway there have been no Income trades for me for the last two weeks and there were no Growth Account trades last week either. I had one position open on CHFJPY which I’d been running for a few weeks but other than that there was nothing for me to do.  There were some lovely moves in a few currencies and I spent most of the week sat on my hands trying to resist the impulse to just take a few trades.  I find retiring to the local coffee shop with some paperwork and a good book help keep me honest and away from impulse trades.

After my speech at the Traders’ Expo last weekend I’ve been asked to speak at the Traders & Investors Club in London tomorrow evening.  I have attached the details below should any of you be in town and wish to catch-up with me.

I’m presently short GBPJPY on my Growth trades and will post on this later today.  I hope you’re all well and raking in a few cheeky pips.


Dear Trader,

Many thanks to everybody who paid us a visit at the London Traders Expo last weekend. Jeff Boccaccio delivered an excellent presentation on day-trading gold and I attempted to illustrate to our audience how live cattle futures could be successfully traded with reference to solar activity and the correlation between stock market prices and the phases of the moon. P.S. It works!

We received a lot of enquires about the Traders & Investors Club at the Show so we are looking forward to seeing some new faces at the meeting next week.

When?   Tuesday, 19th April 2011
                6.30pm – 9.00pm

Where?  Prince Regent Room, Freemasons’ Hall, 60 Great Queen Street, London, WC2B 5AZ

You are also more than welcome to join us for our popular ‘post-discussion meeting’ at a local hostellery a stone’s throw from the Freemason’s Hall where food where will be provided.

Here is a summary of the agenda:

Market Roundup And Open Forum

The US Dollar has broken the critical support line, which means that the Federal Reserve may be well be on its way to succeeding in its ultimate objective to grind the Greenback into the ground.

What ramifications does this have for global commodity prices and the outlook for inflation?

This evening, we examine these questions and look at ways that we as traders and investors can protect and grow our portfolios in these ‘exciting’ times. We are now in uncharted territory; could this actually be a once-in-a-lifetime trading opportunity?

Kevin Barry of the Traders & Investors Club will be presenting our regular summary of the recent global market action and throwing the floor open for YOUR take on the current trading environment.

Trading As A Career

Have you ever thought about completely changing your life and becoming a full-time trader?

We have all heard that with a couple of days (expensive) tuition and a few hundred quid in a brokerage account, you can throttle back and make thousands of pounds a week from your bedroom without even changing out of your pyjamas.

Can it really be that easy?

Hassan Osman of the Traders & Investors Club has already embarked upon this journey and will be sharing his experience with those of us who are thinking about becoming full-time traders.

Hassan will be discussing why we do what we do, the fear of the unknown, how to initiate your new career, how to get the necessary education and skills and placing your first professional trade.

P.S. Hassan will NOT be wearing pyjamas!
Holding The Front Line With A Professional Trader

Paul Wallaceof Trading Beliefs is an ex-RAF Battle Manager who started trading during the halcyon Dot-Com days and has since traded both on behalf of professional funds as well as on his own account. He is currently a prop trader with Kaizen Wealth Management and also runs a performance-support practice for traders.

This evening, Paul will be taking us through his journey from the Military through becoming an ex-corporate guy to being a full-time trader and coach.

He will be sharing with us his past trading approaches and comparing them to the way he trades today. He will also be divulging the classic mistakes that novice traders always make and how YOU can avoid them. 

For those of a nervous disposition, be aware that weapons and combat gear may be in evidence.

You can find the full agenda here:


Information about joining the Traders & Investors Club is here:


Directions to the venue are here:


I look forward to your participation so that we can continue developing the Traders & Investors Club into a unique forum where traders of all levels help each other to realize our maximum trading potential.

Please don’t hesitate to email or telephone me on 07944-389020 if you would like any further information.

See you next Tuesday.

Best Regards,

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