Thursday 10th Nov -Some cheeky pips on the EURJPY – +85

I had a really good learning experience yesterday on GBPCHF which I will cover in a separate blog post.  It’s taking some time to put it all together so in the meantime here’s some details on trades this week from the EURJPY.

Nothing really exciting, trades triggering hitting first & second  targets before falling back.  Just the way it goes.

No more trading for this week as FXTrader Sandy and I are off to the World Money Show at the QE2 centre in central London tomorrow.   If you’re also attending the show then by all means seek us out and say hello.  We’ll be very happy to connect with fellow traders and readers of this blog. You’ll find that I’m not as miserable and grumpy as I sound in the attached video. Apologies for the video quality.

Until next time, trade well.


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4 Comments on “Thursday 10th Nov -Some cheeky pips on the EURJPY – +85”

  1. Nubia Tulum Says:


    I had a good old chuckle listening to your video blog. You must cheer up and sound like you enjoy trading. It made me think of working real hard in an office environment.

    Lots of laugh




    • FXTraderPaul Says:

      Hi Nubia,
      Thanks for your mail and comments. yes it’s a fair cop. I sound a bit miserable on this video. It was just the end of a long day. Perhaps it’s better for me to leave the videos till next day when I’m feeling more alert.

      And I agree….trading should never feel like working real hard in an office environment! To escape that is one of the reasons we choose trading.



  2. Peter Lee Says:

    I am a regular reader and often enjoy the blogs you guys put together. I’m sure it is time consuming along with all the other daily things we have to do, well done. Unfortunately, a little disappointed with the video quality of this one. I dont always comment but pls pls pls show some enthusiam when composing your next blog. This one did put the kids to sleep though!!! Sorry in advance.

    A blog fan forever….




    • FXTraderPaul Says:

      Hi Peter,
      Thanks for your post and comments. You have no need to apologise for your comments!
      What else can I say? It’s a fair cop Guv! As per my reply to Nubia, it was the end of a very long day and I wanted to get the video out that day. In future I’ll try and choose a better time to make the videos. I have given myself a good talking to and will try and be more sparky in future videos!
      Thanks again,



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