Another Day Another Divergence Trade

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No trading at all for me yesterday.

After the FOMC results, and the massive movements that followed, Wednesdays charts all looked overextended to me and very uninviting. Deciding that there was too much risk out there for me I took myself off for an early gym session at 9 a.m. and never came back to my desk!

This morning I was raring to go but the charts weren’t talking to me at all. I was so bored that I started cleaning!! Vacuuming and stuff. Then went shopping 🙂 When I came back around 3 p.m. I found 3 nice set ups in the space of about 5 minutes.

This one is another example of a MACD divergence trade which went exactly to plan.

Today was a lesson to me once more that trading is very different from having a regular job. With a regular job you turn up for work at a certain time and you work (or pretend to work lol). With trading I can sit at my desk at my usual time but that doesnt mean there will be anything worth trading.

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2 Comments on “Another Day Another Divergence Trade”

  1. Naveed Says:


    i want to learn forex trading but its quite expensive here in dubai. Could you please help?




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