A word to the wise….

It’s been a stop-start week for me as I prepare for our Live Trading Day tomorrow.  So in the meantime I thought I would bring up a recent conversation I had with someone regarding myself and this blog.

To set the scene, this chap manages to find my telephone number through his network and then calls me up out of the blue.  I will protect his anonymity by providing a false name. Let’s call him…….Dick. My response is in italics. Enjoy.

Dick:  So are you the same FXTrader Paul who writes the FXTrader Adventures blog.

FXTP: Er, yep, that’s me. How can I help?

Dick: Well I don’t think you’re a very good trader.

FXTP:  Oh, right. So you thought you’d call me up to tell me that?  Err….well, thanks. Would you at least do me the courtesy of telling me why you don’t think I’m a good trader?

Dick: Yeah well I follow many trading blogs and unlike the others  you seem to have losses.  That’s why I think you’re a poor trader.

FXTP:  So the fact that I post my losses on the blog means I’m a poor Trader?

DICK: Yes, it must mean you’re not a very good trader.

FXTP:  So do you think that these other  traders writing blogs take no losses at all?

Dick: No they don’t seem to take any losses, you’re the only one who does.

FXTP: So you think that once you ‘make it’ as a Trader that you’ll never take a loss ever again?

Dick: Well, Yes! All these other traders never take a loss.

FXTP: Do you not think that perhaps they choose not to show their losses?  Perhaps they only show winners to inflate their egos and leave eejits like yourself with a false sense of security about trading. (Actually I didn’t say that last sentence……but I was thinking it!)

Dick: Well I was only saying that you seem to take losses so therefore you can’t be a very good trader.

FXTP: Let me tell you a secret.  You will always take losses in your trading.  Even the great traders take losses.  How you deal with your losses will define how successful you are as a Trader. Now is that you done?

Dick: Well no, actually I wanted to speak to you about some trader coaching and training help. But you seem out of my price range.

FXTP: Ehh!? So after telling me you think I’m not a good trader you now want me to coach you? Well you’ve seen my charges on my website, I’m a busy guy and only want to work with committed individuals.

Dick: Ahh well yeah, I was hoping that we could come to some arrangement about that.

FXTP: What arrangement would that be?

Dick: Well you could really help me out by coaching and training me for free!

FXTP: (now somewhere between amazement, bewilderment and anger) So you call me up to tell me you consider me to be a poor trader! You then ask me to train and coach you!  And to top it all you also want me to do that for FREE?  In a word: NO! And here’s another tip. Don’t ever call this number again!

FXTrader Sandy and I are always happy to help other traders and give of our time and experience, hence the reason for this blog. We enjoy seeing other traders develop and improve in performance.

 However a word to the wise, don’t be a Dick and call one of us up, insult us and then expect us to help you…..and to do it free of charge!

Trade Well!

FXTrader Paul

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2 Comments on “A word to the wise….”

  1. FX Says:

    Hehe, I hardly can believe that this bizarre conversation is true, but why not there are some weirdos out there.



  2. FXTraderPaul Says:

    Yeah I never fail to be amazed by people!



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