Next Piphunter FX Advanced FX Trading Day – Friday 11th June

 FXTrader Paul and Sandy invite you to join us at our next Advanced FX Trading Day on Friday 11th June.  This is an opportunity for us to pass on our experience to other committed traders. 

The whole day is based around how a professional prepares, executes and debriefs their day.  We include elements of Fundamental, Technical and Mental Analysis that allow you to drive your next evolution as a Trader.

 If you’d like to join us for a fun and educational day then click here to book your place.  To give you a flavour of our day the agenda is below:

0815 – 0915 – Start and Intro

0915 – 0945 – The importance of treating Trading as a PERformance activity  – Understanding the importance of Planning, Executing and Reviewing your trading day.

0945 – 1015 – Planning your trading day – How a professional goes about it.

1000 – 1015 Coffee break

1015 – 1215 –Trading Strategies – learn the Strategies and Tactics we use throughout the trading day.

Stage 1 – Mechanical  Trading Strategies to start your day

Stage 2 – Discretionary Trading Strategies to build upon your skills and evolution as a Trader

Stage 3 – Advanced Trading Strategies – the final evolution into what we define as a ‘Brasso’ Trader!

1215 – 1300 – Lunch – we’ll even provide it!

1300 – 1330 – Prepare to trade the US session

1330 – 1600 – Trade the US session – Executing our plan

1600 – 1615 Coffee break

1615 – 1740 – Finishing the day off. The importance of debriefing and reviewing your trading

1740 – 1800 –  Final comments and wrap-up

1800+ Pub for a well earned drink!

This is not a day for novices.  You would be expected to have experience of trading FX markets before attending the course. (If you need that experience then ask about our PipHunter Basic FX Trading Day).

Overall our aim is to help improve a Traders performance in the FX Markets.  How does a professional prepare for their trading day?  How does a professional execute their daily trade plan (with provision of strategies that we use). Finally, how does a professional trader debrief and review their day in order to be a better trader next day.  Throw in some lunch and a live trading session and you have the makings of an action packed, educational and enjoyable day which we believe can’t be beat in terms of quality, quantity and value.

The cost for our day is £497.

We also allow our attendees to come back and re-sit our course as often as they like for a charge of £89.

If you’d like some extra 1-2-1 coaching on the techniques learnt then we can offer a price of £847 for the course and 4 x 30 minute 1-2-1 coaching sessions.

To attend the Advanced FX Trading Day, simply click here.

If you’d like more details then please drop us a line at or call on
0778 239 0808 and we’ll be happy to answer your questions.

We look forward to seeing you on Friday 11th June.

Trade Well!

FXTrader Paul & Sandy

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A professional Trader and Coach, FXTraderPaul blogs about his adventures from the front-lines of FX Trading. A Trader and educator who can walk the walk as opposed to merely talk the talk!

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2 Comments on “Next Piphunter FX Advanced FX Trading Day – Friday 11th June”

  1. Joe Quiggley Says:

    Hello Paul & Sandy, I have been trading for around three years now and only recently managed to get the flow of things with my forex studies. I see that you hold lessons. I read your blog often and wonder how your trade seminar will help me further. There is so much info on the web but some are just terrible and there are so many scams too.

    Can you please outline your trade teaching with some specific topic examples? If you are able to blog them thats even better so that my user group may consider lessons too. I currently trade with a strong 15 user group. Most are self learnt techniques but overall we are up 15% to 25% a month on our trades.

    Happy trading!




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