8th April 2010…..and how was your day Dear?

Yesterday was a really exciting day for me. Traded well (when the market decided to behave itself) AND most importantly my new monitor and stand arrived YEAH. Roll on Summer…..it’s gonna get really hot in this office with the rays coming off the screens in here.

So last night I put together the new monitor fixed the monitor stand and then went about configuring the new screen. It took AGES. Much longer than I thought. Consequently I went to bed much later than normal. When the alarm went off at 5.30 I groaned and hit snooze (most unlike me as I’m usually up before the alarm). Finally got out of bed at 6 a.m. and shuffled to the office (no not THAT office – I know what you’re thinking).

As I sat at the desk and turned on the screens I did a little internal survey and the survey said ‘No’. So after checking in with Trader Paul and seeing that there was no GForce trade today I decided to head back to bed.

When I came back to the office at 9 a.m. Paul was already up by about 120 pips (well done Paulie) and I was left looking at some beautiful moves that I missed.

There were some wonderful hindsight trades this morning but do you know what……I don’t care that I missed them!

One thing I have learnt is that when I’m not feeling well (and that doesn’t happen very often) then it’s best to listen to my body and take a break. The way I was feeling when I woke today would probably have meant that I would have stuffed up in some way. It’s OK not to trade………yes really.

Trader Paul always says that being flat is a position……………………………….do you think he meant flat out in bed???????  🙂

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