A busy week – getting some love from US Indices but no love from the Yen

Hi it’s been quiet for the last week or two. A mixture of no signals and other commitments. Usually when the markets are quiet it means that something is building. And the last 10 days or so have seen some big moves on the commodities markets which have followed through into the FX and Indices markets.

 So when I came to look for my weekly trades on Sundays I was surprised to see that I had 10 set-ups offered to me. They were: NZDUSD, CADJPY, AUDJPY, USDJPY. Gold, Oil, Dow, S&P, FTSE & Dax

It’s very rare to get signals across all the major indices like we did on Sunday.  I’ve learnt that it’s best to just take them all. Trying to cherry-pick which trade might be better that the other is usually a futile gesture.  Just manage your risk accordingly and take the trade.

NZDUSD – Couldn’t get the trade on. Grrr

CADJPY – Triggered Short – went about 10 pips positive before reversing, creating a very nice double bottom and heading up to my Stop loss – Full loss. Boo

 USDJPY – Triggered Long – went about 40 pips positive before reversing and dropping back. As per my indicator the stop had already been moved so I took a small partial loss on this trade.

Dow – Triggered short and hit T1 for +95 points. Final portion is running

S&P – Triggered short and hit T1 for +5.1 S&P points. Final portion running

DAX – Triggered short and running. Has run well without yet hitting T1

FTSE – Triggered short but not doing a great deal.

So the Dow & S&P trades have run nicely and hit T1 already. But as the title states I’ve been getting no love from the Yen this week on either the long or short side. C’est La Vie!

 I’m writing this on the move so I’ll update with charts and specifics later in the week.

 Until then, trade well!


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